Anti-corruption and anti-trust guidelines

Porsche Finance Group (PFG) is a part of the Porsche Holding Group and stands for sustainable economic activity and fair business relations. The maintenance of high business standing belongs to indicators of PFG success. Therefore, this year PFG elaborated and introduced anti-corruption and anti-trust guidelines for its staff. 

Both documents include strict definitions of basic notions, in accordance with international legislation, as well as detailed interpretation of useful and important subjects for staff. For instance, Anti-corruption Guidelines provide with practical examples of situations that may result in corruption and advices for staff of how to act in such cases.

Anti-Trust Guidelines contain subjects related to competition, awareness raising of both national and international antitrust legislation. In the Guidelines the staff may find the responses to the following issues: what monopolistic activity is, in which cases information exchange between companies is illegal, which consequences of violation of antitrust legislation emerge etc.