Porsche Finance Group has adopted an internal code of conduct, which unifies the company's basic ethical principles and the system of Compliance (adherence to international guidelines).

We consider the Code of Conduct as a guide to find the right action, which includes tips and recommendations for performance rather than a list of clear instructions. The Code contains the most important basic principles of our business and will be useful in dealing with the complex legal and ethical issues faced by employees.

In addition to the general rules of labour discipline, the Code of Conduct provides guidelines for preventing corruption and conflicts of interest, for building relationships with business partners and third parties, to ensure the security of personal and proprietary information, etc.

In addition, as a part of Porsche Holding Group, one of the leading distributors of automobiles known for its high level of social responsibility and ethical standards attained over many years of experience, PFG also emphasises the importance of their business meeting the standards of major international conventions, the regulations of which contain important conduct instructions for companies that operate internationally, and also for their employees. These recommendations are prominent in the new Code of Conduct, along with national legislation, and the internal rules and values of Porsche Holding Group.

Through car financing, we try to promote mobility for social good, keeping in mind the needs of individuals, and the environmental and economic demands that each international enterprise faces. The fact that PFG Compliance is governed by the Compliance principles and applied by the Code of Conduct will strengthen our position and positively impact on business on the whole.

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