Porsche Finance Group  supports Red Cross Society of Ukraine hospice

Porsche Finance Group has provided charitable support for the St. Helena Hospice of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, which is for cancer patients and based in Korosten in the Zhytomyr region. The company has donated 90,000 USD towards repairing the Hospice buildings.

The Red Cross Society of Ukraine needs continuous sponsorship for the implementation of health and social programs, which require significant resources. Porsche Finance Group has traditionally supported the Society each year and also encourages its partners to participate in Red Cross charitable projects. The St. Helena Hospice is one of the first medical institutions in Ukraine focused on incurable patients. The Hospice provides medical and psychological assistance to seriously ill patients and their loved ones.

"Unfortunately, when a person is between life and death, it very difficult or even impossible to help. We only make contributions to good and definitely important initiatives, which is what the St. Helena Hospice is. Porsche Finance Group now makes such contributions on a regular basis. A year ago, Porsche Finance Group assisted the Red Cross hospital in Vizhnitsa, a city in the Chernivtsi region, for which they purchased food, bedding and an ECG. We will continue to provide assistance where it is most needed," commented Mr. Josef Graf, CEO of Porsche Finance Group.

"The Red Cross Society of Ukraine appreciates cooperation with socially responsible companies and hopes to see their number increase in Ukraine," stated Alla Mykolayvna Khabarova, General Secretary of the National Committee of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine. "With the help of Porsche Finance Group, we have started the project to repair the Hospice buildings, which will significantly improve the conditions for our patients."