Porsche Finance Group has joined the environmental initiatives of the regional environmental initiative "Conservation of agro-biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains", which is aimed at restoring the population of the Carpathian buffalo. Saving the Carpathian buffalo is a unique environmental project, maintained by Porsche Finance Group, promoting the preservation of the diversity of life on Earth, and also drawing attention to the problem of the extinction of rare species. Thus, the company is demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability in accordance with Porsche Finance Group's charitable mission, according to which the Company provides support to people and organisations that really need it.

Carpathian buffalo represent the northernmost population of buffalo in the world. They were brought from Asia centuries ago, after which time they became fully acclimatized to life in the Carpathians. By the twentieth century, every Transcarpathian village had hundreds of these unique animals, but the herd of buffalo is rapidly declining. According to recent reports, there are only 45 individual buffalo left in Ukraine today.

As a socially responsible company, Porsche Finance Group has offered to help save this unique animal species. Since 2012, the company has been funding a herd of six animals that, in the future, is planned to increase to 10 initially and then, in 2014, to 14 animals. Every year, a certain amount of funding will be allocated to maintain each buffalo. Once the buffalo are raised, they will be transferred to local farmers, who want to raise these unique animals, but who lack the funds required to care for them.

"It is the obligation of every civilised man to save and maintain the diversity and richness of this world for our children," stated Josef Graf, Head of the Board of Porsche Finance Group. "We believe that our efforts towards preserving and increasing the population of Carpathian buffalo will serve as a good example for local people and help to fully revive this herd of animals."

"Milk from the domestic buffalo is much healthier than cow's milk. It is characterised by a high content of fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C and B," explained Olga Khomenko, one of the founders of "Conservation of agro-biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains". Unfortunately, breeding buffaloes is not financially profitable, which could result in the extinction of this species".

The organisation "Conservation of agro-biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains" is a local initiative aimed at preserving endangered species of domestic and wild animals. For this reason, the "Salvation Station" was established in the village of Steblivka Khustskyi in the Transcarpathian region. Here, they have been breeding Carpathian buffalo and other endangered species, and also supporting and providing recommendations to farmers who keep them on their own farms. You can find more detailed information about the organisation's activities on their website

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