Credit from Porsche Finance Group Ukraine offers the following benefits:

  • You obtain everything you need from one source: you only need to communicate with authorised Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT or Porsche dealers.

  • The possibility of obtaining exactly the car of your choice.

  • We work for everybody: both private individuals and legal entities.

  • Favourable financing conditions.

  • Quick: you submit all documents to the retailer and the financing decision is taken in just 1-3 days.

  • Simple: all payments are transferred directly to the dealer.

  • No additional monthly fees.

  • The possibility of early repayment without any limitations and additional costs.

  • The unlimited financial assets we have available for financing.

Currency of financing UAH
Interest rate 18,99%*
Advance payment from 15%
Term of financing up to 60 months
Administrative fee 2,5% from credit amount

*The rate is fixed.

Advantages of Receiving Credit for Private Individuals

Our customers do not need to pay the annual insurance amount immediately; they can pay monthly. This offers the following benefits:  

  • Savings up to 7% on the initial costs.

  • Simplicity in reissuing credit loans in coming years.
  • CASCO financing at the same rate as automobile financing.

Credit advantages for legal entities

From now on, credit loans are more attractive to legal entities that are VAT taxpayers!

  • Upon obtaining automobile credit, 100% of the vehicle's price can be claimed as a tax credit.

  • The opportunity to depreciate  100% of the vehicle in five years.

Down Payment

The amount of the down payment depends on the car price

The amount of the down payment depends on the value of the vehicle you want to buy with financing.

Porsche Finance Group Ukraine makes the final decision on financing conditions only after confirming the client's solvency.

Car Price in USD Minimal down payment
Up to 60 thd from 15%
Up to 80 thd from 20%
More than 80 thd from 25%

The calculation is made on the curency rate on the day before.