Procedure for monthly invoicing
  • Invoices are generated and sent to customers in the first few days of the month (primarily by e-mail, but also by Ukrpochta);
  • Invoices are not generated for the month in which the credit was granted.

Procedure for early repayment of credit (partial / full)
  • The early repayment of credit can fully take place at any time. If the borrower has applied for an invoice before the 15th day of the month, the percentage interest for the current month shall not be paid. If the application is generated after the 15th day, the interest for the current month should be paid according to the repayment schedule. Invoices for the early repayment of credit are valid for three working days;

  • Invoices for a larger amount (than the amount according to the repayment schedule) are generated at the client's request in the form of a letter via e-mail, sent to service@porschemobility.com.ua. They should contain the following "I would like an invoice for the amount of ____ USD. Credit agreement № 5000 **** issued in name." These letters should be sent before the second day of the month;

  • In order to receive invoices, according to your financial agreement, you should send a message from your email address to service(kwfat)porschemobility.com(kwfdot)ua with "E-mail" in the subject line. The text should read as follows" "Please send invoices according to the financial agreement for contract number 5000 ****".

Travel Abroad

In case you want to travel abroad using a vehicle, for which LLC "Porsche Mobility" has provided a loan, please send an email to service(kwfat)porschefinance(kwfdot)ua in the following format: "I request that you give permission to travel abroad by car _____, credit loan agreement number 5000 ****, valid from 01.01.12 to 10.01.12".

Payments of monthly instalments

The borrower shall pay the monthly instalment by the 15th day of the current month. In the case of late payment, the borrower faces the following sanctions:

  • A penalty of 10% per annum on the unpaid amount of time for each day that payment is delayed until the fee has fully been paid;

  • Penalties for payments shall be sent to LLC "Porsche Mobility" in Ukrainian hryvnia at a rate equivalent to $20 USD or 15 euros according to the US dollar equivalent of the amount of credit in the loan agreement. This shall be calculated according to the bank exchange rate specified in the loan agreement at the time that the Company sends its first request for payment and according to the amount equivalent to $25 USD or 20 euros in Ukrainian hryvnia for a second request. This shall be paid at the exchange rate of the bank specified in the loan agreement at the time the Company sends such a request and at a rate equivalent to $30 USD or 25 euros in Ukrainian hryvnia. For sending a third request for payment according to the exchange rate of the bank specified in the loan agreement at the time that the Company sends such a request (if the Company decides to send a third request).

  • Losses incurred due to the improper execution of the credit loan agreement shall be reimbursed by the guilty party to the full extent, provided above the invoiced penalties.
  • The Borrower has the right to address any questions about current and/ or outstanding debt by phone at +380-44-498-6601, extension 1229.

How to pay bigger amount