Our advantages


  • The amount of insurance compensation is calculated, excluding the wear rate for car parts throughout the financing term.
  • Invariant conditions of insurance regardless of the number of insurance claims and compensation amount accordingly: the size of the sum insured, the insurance premium and the franchise shall not change over the financing period.
  • In the case of constructive destruction or the theft of a vehicle, the reimbursement of insurance shall be based on the vehicle's market value in the currency of financing (albeit in the UAH equivalent) and at the exchange rate in effect on the day of the insured event.

Full protection

  • Any person can drive a car on legal grounds. Their driving experience, age or insurance history shall not affect the insurance rate.
  • No restrictions on the location of the vehicle's storage, including at night.
  • The insurance agreement covers the territory of Ukraine except for the AR of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions, Europe and the CIS.
  • No deductible only in the case of damage to glass parts (the insurance companies UNIQA and Ukrainian Insurance Group).

Convenience and simplicity

  • All services from one source: you obtain a car, financing, insurance and fleet service at your dealership.
  • The insurance company will remunerate the authorised Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Porsche dealer you have chosen.
  • The ability to pay the insurance premium as part of the monthly credit loan / leasing payment without any increase in the insurance rate 
  • Distance settlement of insurance claims: to announce the insured event to the insurance company's call centre, you need to contact the official dealership. There is no need to provide the vehicle for inspection or submit documents to the insurance company's office - you can do all this through your dealer.
  • Technical assistance "Help on the way" (IC UNIQA).

European working principles

  • The insurance partners of Porsche Finance Group are leaders on the market for automobile insurance in Europe and Ukraine.
  • Cooperation between Porsche Finance Group and insurance partners takes place at the level of subsidiaries and parent companies.
  • In the case of car damage (and in case of the absence of a third party), reference from the competent authorities may not be provided (refer to the detailed terms within the insurance agreement).
  • The absence of such an exception as the rough violation of traffic rules (driving despite a prohibiting traffic signal or gesture by a traffic controller, passing a vehicle on the oncoming lane and/ or double-crossing the centre line, or speeding traffic more than 20 km/ h).