Be closer to the car of your dreams!

You can buy a car though leasing now.

What is leasing?

There are many possibilities to finance the purchase of a car. The most common ways include buying cars in cash and taking out a bank loan. Another alternative possibility for buying a car is leasing.

In this case, a car leasing company buys a car and transfers it to a company or private individual for chargeable usage. Thus, leasing is comparable to a long-term lease. By the end of the lease agreement, ownership is fully transferred to the lessee (a financial lease) or the car is simply returned to the leasing company (an operational lease).

The significant advantage of leasing is that you save significant free cash and credit lines due to making a lease purchase.

Trust our experience. Here you obtain everything in one place: the car, financing and insurance. We invite you to check out the unique features of our offer and the benefits of leasing from Porsche Finance Group.

Receive an individual consultation from your dealer.

He will make a financial offer that will correspond to your needs.

Our Terms

Payment in UAH according to USD*
Interest rate (annual) 10,5**
Down payment from 15%
Duration up to 60 months
Administrative fee 1.5% of the car's value

*Payments are held in Ukrainian hryvnia, at the exchange rate and shall be paid according to the exchange rate effective the preceding day.

**Excluding commissions , payments for insurance and to Pension Fund.

Buy the car of your dream through leasing

  • Everything from one source: you communicate only with an official Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Porsche dealer.
  • Ability to obtain exactly the car of your choice.
  • We work for everybody: both private individuals and legal entities.
  • Favourable financing conditions.
  • Quick: you submit all documents to your retailer and all financial decisions are made in 1-3 days.
  • No additional monthly fees
  • Favourable conditions for insurance
  • The unlimited financial assets accessible for financing

Car Leasing Procedure

Five steps to get a car in leasing:

  1. The client selects a car and leasing model in the auto showroom of an authorised Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT or Porsche dealer in Ukraine.
  2. The client fills in the lessee application, collects the necessary documents and passes them to the authorised representative of an official Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Porsche dealer in Ukraine.
  3. Within one working day, Porsche Leasing Ukraine takes a decision regarding financing possibilities on the basis of the submitted documents and sends the customer a signed leasing agreement with an invoice to make a down payment.
  4. Porsche Leasing Ukraine does everything possible to transfer a leasing car to the client.
  5. The customer obtains his/her car through an authorised Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Porsche dealer in Ukraine.

Down Payment

The size of the down payment depends on the value of the car you would like to buy with financing.

Porsche Finance Group only takes the final decision to approve the financing conditions after confirming the client's solvency

Car price in USD Minimal down payment
Up to 60 thd from 15%
Up to 80 thd from 20%
More than 80 thd from 25%