What is leasing?

This is a type of investment that involves the use of property for a fee, under certain conditions, for a specified period which is stipulated in the contract, with the option of a buy-out at the end of the contract.

What are leasing advantages?

For Legal Entities:

1. There is no need to create your own automobile fleet.
2. The vehicle cannot be subject to a tax arrest, nor can a third party impose any incumbrance.
3. There is no need to issue a pledge agreement, to notarize or certify it, or pay the administrative fee.
4. Commission payments within the leasing agreement are gross expenditures and they essentially reduce the taxable amount.
5.The tax credit on the value of the leasing agreement becomes valid at the time of the vehicle transfer (except for passenger cars).
6. There is no regional dependency on one's place of registration.

For Private Individuals:

1. The period for making a financial decision shall not exceed three days in the case that the complete documentation package is submitted.
2. You can reallocate payments under a CASCO insurance agreement per year by making an equal amount of monthly instalments.
3. You may reallocate payments to the Pension Fund for the entire leasing term.
4. There is no need to issue a pledge agreement, to notarize or certify it, or to pay an administrative fee.
5. The vehicle cannot be subject to tax arrest, nor can third parties impose any incumbrance.
6. There is no regional dependency on one's place of registration.
7. There is no need to notarize spousal consent for settling a contract for auto financing through leasing.

What is the contract currency?

The contract is financed in UAH with equivalent to currency rate of USD or EUR. Monthly instalments shall be paid in the national currency.

Can I prematurely terminate the leasing agreement?

Yes, but not earlier than 12 months after the contract comes into effect. For this you will need to pay the vehicle's residual value and the fee for the early termination of the leasing agreement.

Procedure for monthly invoicing
  • Invoices are generated and sent to customers in the first days of the month (primarily by e-mail, but also through Ukrpochta);

  • If the contract comes into effect in the second half of the month, the schedule for leasing payments shall be pushed back one month (for example, if the contract was activated on May 20th, the client's next monthly instalment would only be invoiced in July);
  • To receive invoices according to your financial agreement, you should send an email to service(kwfat)porschefinance(kwfdot)ua with "E-mail" in the subject line, and the following in the message body: "Please send the monthly instalments for financial leasing contract number 0000 ****".

The procedure for the early termination of a financial leasing agreement
  • It is only possible to prematurely close a financial leasing agreement once twelve instalments have been paid (covering 12 months of the contract).

  • Invoices for the early termination of a financial leasing contract are issued in the second half of the month in which payment for that month is payable. Then the lessee needs to send an application via email to service(kwfat)porscheleasing.com(kwfdot)ua, which reads as follows: "I request an invoice for the early termination of contract number 0000 ****, issued by "name and surname of the client". "However, the contract's early termination results in the lessee receiving additional documents (a certificate of final commitments by the parties, an act of acceptance and transfer, and an agreement on price revision). In order to annul the vehicle's registration, it is necessary to provide updated pictures of the vehicle via e-mail (photos of the whole vehicle, including the cabin and body numbers, the glass on the back, and the backup plate);

  • In case of a partial prepayment, the amount must be a multiple of standard leasing payments. In this case, apart from the invoice, the client shall receive an updated schedule for leasing payments (the leasing period remains unchanged, but the amount of leasing payments is reduced). Applications for partial prepayment should be sent on the second day of every month.

Travel Abroad

In order to travel abroad in a leased car, you must issue a notarized power of attorney and a notarized temporary registration certificate for the vehicle. To obtain these, the lessee needs to apply to the LLC "Porsche Leasing Ukraine" in writing.

Payments of monthly instalments

The lessee shall pay the monthly instalment by the 15th day of the current month. In the case of a late payment, the lessee shall face the following sanctions: 

  • A penalty of 10% per annum on the unpaid amount of time for each day that the payment is late until the full fee has been paid;

  • The penalties for payments sent by LLC "Porsche Leasing Ukraine" are as follows: the equivalent of $15 US/ euros on demand; equivalent to $20 US/ euros for the second reminder; equivalent of $25 US/ euros for the third reminder (in the case that "Porsche Leasing Ukraine" decides to send a third request);
  • Compensation for any costs incurred by LLC "Porsche Leasing Ukraine" and/ or fees, including, without limitation, attorney fees, and legal and extrajudicial costs accrued/ paid to reimburse sums paid by the lessee in accordance with the Contract. The above-mentioned penalties are payable to the lessee within ten (10) working days after sending the claim to "Porsche Leasing Ukraine", despite the possible termination of the contract by "Porsche Leasing Ukraine".

  • The lessee must immediately notify "Porsche Leasing Ukraine" by phone about any alleged delay in payment or delay that has already occurred, at the following number +380-44-498-6601, or send an email to service@porschefinance.ua. The foregoing message as such is not considered justification for postponing payment.
  • For more information, please send a request by email to service(kwfat)porscheleasing.com(kwfdot)ua and specify your contract number.

Currency rate risks

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