Don't buy a car - just use it!

We develop customised solutions that best meet your needs and allow you to remain financially mobile (agreement duration, mileage, etc.).

Unlike a loan, leasing provides you the opportunity to leave your lines of credit free without upsetting your company's balance sheet.

After the financial leasing agreement expires, you will have the opportunity to buy a car out and become its owner.


  • You pay monthly instalments only for what you actually use.

  • Unallocated funds that remain can be used for other purposes.

  • Modern type of financing.

  • Instalment insurance: you can pay insurance monthly without any interest charge.

  • Individual supply: we develop customized solutions that meet your needs and allow you to remain financially mobile (i.e. in terms of agreement duration, mileage, etc.).

  • Leasing with residual value: you have the opportunity to use financing with the residual value. This will allow you to reduce your amount of monthly instalments.
  • At the end of the contract, you become the owner of the car.

  • The leasing company makes payments to the Pension Fund of Ukraine, which are then distributed in equal parts over the whole financing period.
  • CASCO insurance: the amount is distributed annually in equal instalments without any interest charge.

  • The car cannot be subject of an encumbrance to third parties.

  • There is no regional dependency on one's place of registration.

  • Primary costs are less than 7-9% in comparison to taking credit (a loan).

  • Change of lessee: if you want to sell or buy a new car, you always have the option of replacing the lessee in the financial leasing agreement.

  • Leasing does not require notarisation.