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Financial Offer
Caddy Kasten
Financial Period
60 months
Down Payment
Interest Rate
Administrative Fee
7 486,66 UAH
Monthly Installment
5 721,24 UAH
"UNIQA" IC (deductible 0,5%) monthly installment
1 871,02 UAH
Pension Fund
418,44 UAH

* The calculation is based on the following data: a financing period of 60 months and an annual interest rate of 10.5% with payments made in local currency at the exchange rate preceding the date of invoice. Numbers are approximate and can only roughly estimate your expenses.

Attention! For all vehicles purchased through financing, the monthly instalment for leasing already includes mandatory payments to the Ukrainian Pension Fund and for CASCO insurance. This reduces your costs in the early stage of financing.

Porsche Finance Group provides credit financing through LLC "Porsche Mobility" (FSR certificate IC 58, dated July 02, 2009), and provides leasing services through "Porsche Leasing Ukraine" (PL 387 FSR certificate, dated July 24, 2008).