Use now, but pay later!

Operational leasing entails a long-term lease, the economic essence of which lies in the use of automobile vehicles within a specified period, rather than their purchase.

Advantages of operational leasing for legal entities:

  • As of 1.04.2011, 100% of the leasing payment on passenger and commercial vehicles applies to gross input (before 1.04.2011, it is only 50% for passenger vehicles)

  • 100% of the VAT on the leasing payment can be claimed as a tax credit

  • There is no vehicle on the lessee's balance sheet reduces non-core assets

  • The ability to return the car to the lessor after the leasing contract's expiration

  • Reduced costs in the early financial stage: the leasing company makes payments to the pension fund of Ukraine and then that amount is distributed in equal parts over the whole financing period, and the amount for CASCO insurance is distributed in equal parts over a year without accruing interest

  • The vehicle cannot be subject to tax arrest

  • There is no regional dependency on one's place of registration